Studying to become a classical musician and start a watch brand? It seems to be an odd switch of career. Yvo Staudt (The Netherlands, 1991) - classical accordionist and founder of the new watch brand Staudt - thought different and made this switch. According to Yvo his study at the conservatoire in Pescara, Italy, helped him create his time pieces indeed. Both professions demand an inexhaustible love for the arts and the urge to fulfill them with utmost precision and dedication.

Yvo visualized his first time piece during his study as his personal search for his utopian time piece. First they were only ideas, unpretentious figments that later turned out to be the foundation of his first creation. Yvo taught the technical part of creating a watch himself. The extensive studying of his classical accordion gave him the fine motorics needed to assemble the microscopic parts of a mechanical movement.



In February of 2014 - just after the realization of his first time pice - Yvo attended a watch event in Amsterdam. Soon watch ethusiats noticed his watch and his creating went from hand to hand. The question ‘where can we buy this?’ came totally unexpected for the young musician. Before this moment his watch adventure was purely personal, a search for his own perfect watch.
The demand of those enthousiats changed the personal project in an entrepreneurial adventure and the start of developing his first collection.


The first official Staudt Praeludium was brought to life in October 2014. A watch with a suitable name. Yvo’s favourite composer - Johann Sebastian Bach - wrote dozens of Praeludiums. A Praeludium is reckoned to be an instrumental composition without a predefined form, which is mostly used to introduce the part that is considered to be the main composition.
The first Staudt Praeludium was a big succes, all available time pieces were sold in no-time. Because of that Yvo was able to keep on working on his vision about the ultimate time pice and he managed to introduce his new Praeludium collection in fall 2015.